Monday, June 8, 2009

Raspberry Buttermilk Cake

Alas, it has been far too long since my last blog post. You see, work intervened, and although I made time to try out new recipes, I did not manage to blog about them. I'll do my best to dig up what few memories remain, but let's not be too optimistic.

And what better recipe to post about after a long hiatus than something I made just the other day? Hopefully this will help me get back in the groove.

Raspberry Buttermilk Cake

Comments & Modifications:
  • I omitted the lemon zest; too much trouble.
  • I think I used salted butter, but it may not make much difference.
  • Since I had real cultured buttermilk in the fridge, that's what got used, rather than soured milk.
  • Instead of carefully placing the raspberries facing up or down, I scatter them, and most of them ended up sideways. They all sank into the batter.

Verdict: Since Dan's first reaction on taking a bite of this was "Wow!" we can probably can call this a winner. My coworker also made it, and she and her husband had a hard time holding back from devouring it on the spot. The tart raspberries worked perfectly with the creamy, buttery, not too sweet cake. We think it would work well with blueberries, and I think blackberries might be okay too but it's hard to say. I hope to make this again soon because the batter was excellent!

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