Thursday, March 26, 2009


It's been so long, I'm starting to forget the details of some of the recipes I've tried! This is one from back around Christmas; homemade granola can be a good gift for people who are otherwise hard to buy for.


Comments & Modifications:
  • This makes a crunchy, very crumbly granola. There won't be clumps like in store granola.
  • Instead of peanuts, I used a mixture of sliced almonds, macadamia nuts, and a few walnuts. The macadamia nuts were really, really good in this, but I only used them because they were left over from another recipe. Pretty much any nut mixture will work, as long as they're chopped fairly smallish.
  • No wheat germ for me. Why buy a whole container for 1/4 cup?
  • I didn't put in any dried fruit. There's some in the basement, but somehow it just didn't appeal to me in this recipe.

Verdict: This is pretty good granola, for not too much work. I liked it well enough with milk, but in yogurt it's delicious! I think it's kind of caloric for how full it makes me feel, so this probably won't be on my regular rotation, but it's good to have something different for breakfast every now and then.

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