Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Chocolate Bread Pudding

Mmm, chocolate bread pudding. I ran across this recipe on another food blog, and the author raved about it so much I just had to save the link. I've been waiting for a good time to try it since many of the ingredients I don't generally keep on hand.

So, this past Thanksgiving weekend turned out to be convenient, because we had leftover italian bread from Dan's family's gathering. (We brought way more bread than was necessary.) I thought chocolate bread pudding sounded like a breakfast mood, so I made it on Black Friday morning (we didn't go shopping).

Chocolate Bread Pudding

Comments & Modifications:
  • There's a lot of changes for this recipe. First of all, I decided a 9x13 pan was way too big for just Dan and me, so I started by halving all the ingredients.
  • I used whole milk, and did not include any cream. I suspect even skim milk would have worked, not that I'll ever try it.
  • I didn't have coffee liquor, so I substituted strong decaf coffee from instant.
  • For the future, I would cut back on some of the sugar and possibly substitute Splenda for some of it. I like sugar, but I like not having diabetes too.
  • I misread the amount of almond extract and put in almost twice as much. It was good, but probably better to stick with the amount called for.
  • Instead of 4 oz grated chocolate, I threw in a healthy handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips and sprinkled some more on top before putting it in the oven. This way you get pockets of chocolate in the bread pudding that really provide contrasting flavors.
  • Next time I'd add a pinch of salt. I'm really sensitive to lack of salt in sweet things.

Verdict: This is really, really good. I'd definitely make it again, next time I have all the ingredients on hand and want to gain a couple of pounds. Dan and I had some right out of the oven for breakfast, and the bread cubes were still all distinct from each other; after cooling it kind of solidified into a chocolatey delicious mass. Either way it's very tasty. Probably not really appropriate for breakfast, though.


kaeridon said...

I nominate this recipe for the next myfamily reunion. I am already drooling . . .

Karin said...

Haha, no problem!