Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Almond-Lemon Tea Cake

I've been slacking off with the recipe reviews! Time to catch up!

Here's another instance of a recipe that got made solely because I needed to use up the ingredients from another recipe. It just keeps going and going . . .

Almond-Lemon Tea Cake

Comments & Modifications:
  • I didn't modify this one at all. I'm too scared to mess with baked goods.
  • I don't have a stand mixer, so I just used my hand mixer.
  • I don't have a flour sifter, so I lightly mixed the dry ingredients by hand.
  • I'm not convinced the lemon zest and orange zest in the batter was really necessary, since I can't taste it at all. Plus, I hate grating zest.
  • Almond paste is a pain to work with. I had a hard time getting it to break up with my hand mixer, and pieces kept shooting off in all directions. Eventually it seemed to come together, but it took a while.

Verdict: This came out really, really good. The cake is dense and moist and almond-y, and the glaze is crispy and sweet and tart, and together they are perfect. That said, I'd need a good reason to fight with the almond paste again. This really would be great for a tea party, since the cake is very rich so the slices are tiny and cute.

And now I have a box of cake flour to use up . . .

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