Saturday, November 8, 2008

Groundnut Stew

Here's another recipe that I just couldn't resist, after reading the strange combination of ingredients. It helps that this recipe makes a ridiculous amount of food for very little money.

Groundnut Stew

Comments & Modifications:
  • This made a ton of food. Dan and I had it for dinner twice, and I had it for lunch at work three times, and there was still a bit left over. That's 7-8 servings!
  • It's better with more sweet potatoes. I only put in two and wished I had put in the third.
  • Next time I might try replacing some of the tomato juice with apple juice. You couldn't really taste the apple at all and I think it would have added something.
  • Again, we cut back a bit on the cayenne to more reasonable levels. A little goes a long way.
  • I would definitely add the optional cilantro, but at the end so that Dan doesn't have to have any.

Verdict: Dan really liked this, I thought it was okay but edible. It's possible that some of the adjustments above might make it more palatable for me. It tasted a little two dimensional, as if there was an ingredient missing that would bring all the flavors together. Maybe more ginger?

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